Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Satisfied customers....

After a long and magical journey about the country, here we are now back at home in Bridport. And just look at some of the lovely things you kind folks have said about our GARGANTUA.....

"Just saw the excellent @ergophizmiz perform "Gargantua".A mystery play about Pontiffs, Pan and Opium smoking meta detectives...Marvellous!"

"Gargantua was a triumph last nite, but now everything seems ordinary in comparison.Thanks for mangling my brain Ergo!"

"i haven't laughed in ecstatic bewilderment like that ever before - and it turned on a knife-edge to deeply moving and powerful imagery, which is rare and extremely hard to pull off."

"@ergophizmiz Gargantua seared my eyeballs and made my pants implode with its grotesque beauty at the Cube last night - thanks Ergo!"

"Gargantua by @ergophizmiz was WONDERFUL last night @CUBECINEMA - touring onwards- TRACK THEM DOWN!"

"That was excellent, was like watching a Christian mystery play, written by David Lynch and performed by Reeves and Mortimer!"

"So, I went to ERGO PHIZMIZ presents GARGANTUA - AN EXCESSIVE ENTERTAINMENT! tonight. I can't even tell you what I just watched, other than it was brilliant, weird, odd, bizarre and left me feeling very confused. But, all in a good way."

"Grand show in Dartington, we loved it; nutty!"

"Bloody brilliant. Utterly, bizarrely, brilliant! Thanks for a very random, confusing, Monday night :0) x"

"Was well enjoyed on our table. Thanks and hope to see you guys soon"

"Amazing and Brilliant show last nite: GARGANTUA. Wonderfully original. Keep hassling the Arts Council- we want more!!"

"Absolutely blown away by the magnificent intensity of ’s tonight, well done one & all :))"

"Version of GARGANTUA I dreamt about last night fucking marvellous well done "

"Loved Gargantua last night in Berwick. Madness and several cohesive story lines. Great collage novella too. Lovely miming."

"Bravo GARGANTUA! Children roasting on an open fire. step, kick, step, kick, shimmmmy. an MB Games advert directed by Victor Neuberg"

"Great, surreal stuff from at for 's 10th anniversary bash."

" WAS ART!!!!!!!!!"

"Just had our tiny minds blown by the brilliance of 's Gargantua. Well done chaps, great stuff xx"

"Went to see Gargantua at the cube last night, was amazing! Loved it!"

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  1. Glad it's gone so well. You must all be knackered.