Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tickets on sale and full UK tour dates

The March 2013 UK tour of Ergo Phizmiz's Gargantua will comprise of....

16th BRIDPORT Arts Centre
17th DARTINGTON Soundart Radio
18th ISLE OF WIGHT Depozitory
19th BRIGHTON The Marlborough
20th BRISTOL Cube
21st LIVERPOOL Mellomello
22nd NEWCASTLE Morden Tower
24th EAGLESCLIFFE The Waiting Room
25th BERWICK-UPON-TWEED The Maltings

Some tickets are already on sale! 
Buy tickets for the Bridport show HERE
Buy tickets for the Brighton show HERE
Buy tickets for the Berwick show HERE

All other tickets will be on sale imminently.

We are also in discussions with a number of London venues ....

Some of the shows also feature support acts from across the country, including Hacker Farm (Bridport), Vulnavia Vanity (Brighton), Clockwork Moth (Dartington) and many more TBA.


Gargantua is the new work for theatre, music and media by internationally acclaimed artist and composer Ergo Phizmiz.
This hallucinatory odyssey through time and culture tells three simultaneous stories, one a detective story on the disappearance of the giant King Gargantua, another of an adventure by French writer Francois Rabelais across Europe, the third a strange, elliptical board-game that draws these threads together.
Told through a mixture of performance, animation, puppetry, collage and masks, and an original music score equal parts contemporary electronic, medieval and 1930s British dance band, Gargantua takes history and culture and places them into a boiling pot ready for explosion.
Gargantua is a modern vaudeville of the imagination, and promises to be unlike anything you have seen or heard before. Where else would you find a cast list that includes the Pope, Frank Sinatra, Jonah, Pete Waterman, and Pinocchio?
Created by Ergo Phizmiz, and inspired by the writings of Francois Rabelais, Gargantua is a concoction of mini-epic, detective story, outlandish fantasy, and vaudeville.
Age 10+ (occasional swearing and mild drug references)
1h (no interval)
Supported by PRS Foundation

Monday, 15 October 2012

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gargantua - CASTING CALL

An opportunity for a young, male performer to work on “Gargantua”, the new theatre piece by Ergo Phizmiz (“A burst of colour, noise and imagination” - The New Statesman, “Mad but mesmerising” - The Times).

A mini-epic in performance, animation, puppetry and electronic music, the show tours the UK in March 2013, with a planned European tour (across France, Belgium, Holland, Germany & Poland) in late 2013 or early 2014.

This is a paid position, which will develop skills in music, puppetry, dance, and intermedia performance.

Rehearsals take place in Bridport from 9th – 15th March 2013, with one week tour immediately afterwards, premiering at Bridport Arts Centre on 16th March.

The performer must be of a large build, and ideally be based in Dorset. A “baby face” will also be of benefit....

Interested? Contact ergophizmiz at gmail dot com

Monday, 10 September 2012

The City and Ponocrates

The Imperial City and Royal Palace of Gargantua, paper collage from books and postcards.

Ponocrates, the frustrated teacher of Gargantua

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Gargantua - Pieces in Progress 2

Elements of music-in-progress for Gargantua...

Loitering about in here are sequences for Angels who turn into a variety of other things, a big  War, a disappearing giant, a medieval village ....

Pages from the score for "Gargantua"

The first two pages of the score of "Gargantua".

Monday, 20 August 2012

Earlier compositions and experiments for "Gargantua"

"Gargantua" has been hovering about for years. Here are some bits that have been floating around like bad smells for a while.

Early instrumental and collage composition sections for "Gargantua". 

Improvisation with turntable, music-boxes, clocks, digital delay, mixer. Possible use in "War" and "Babyhood of Gargantua" sections.....Also a war at the end of the universe between Janacek & Beethoven.

Opium Sketch

Sketch for the Opium scene, using John Cage's "Music for Marcel Duchamp".

Friday, 17 August 2012

Influences & References Mix 01

"Gargantua Influences & References Mix 01" - Sound-collage exploring possible directions and ideas.

The script for the show was finished yesterday, now I am beginning to test out different musical directions using collage.

And why not eh?

Introducing "Gargantua"


An arrangement of Erik Satie's "Reverie de la Enfance du Pantagruel", which may or may not be used somewhere.

A stylistic sketch for an alcoholic sequence.