Thursday, 28 February 2013

GARGANTUA on Late Junction, BBC Radio 3

The splendid folks at Late Junction, BBC Radio 3, broadcast a specially created 8 minute montage of Ergo Phizmiz's excessive entertainment GARGANTUA, and thoroughly pimped the tour in the process. Tip of hat.

Hear the programme on BBC iPlayer HERE.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Out now! Digital single "The Pete Waterman Rap" / "The Sea is Full of Sheep" - Two songs from GARGANTUA

Out now! A digital single of two tracks from Ergo Phizmiz's excessive entertainment GARGANTUA.

Spot the difference...

One picture is Gargantua cast member Rob Lee disguised as a sheep, the other is a model in this month's Digital Arts magazine, but can you spot the difference?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Coming soon, digital download double A side "The Pete Waterman Rap" / "The Sea is Full of Sheep"

This will be released via Bandcamp, on Wednesday 20th February.

GARGANTUA on Late Junction, BBC Radio 3

Tune in to Late Junction on BBC Radio 3, on Wednesday 27th February, to hear an exclusive eight minute collage of original music from GARGANTUA.

GARGANTUA Interview in M Magazine, from the PRS

Ergo Phizmiz has been interview about GARGANTUA for the PRS M Magazine.

"I’ve become interested in very synthetic, artificial music, almost like epic music being badly imitated by automatons. I suppose the music of Gargantua could most succinctly be described, in the time honoured fashion of sticking genres together and hoping for the best, as electronic-miniature-epic-classical-techno-supermidi-opera."

Read the full article at M Magazine online.

GARGANTUA in The Wire magazine

The March issue of The Wire magazine (issue 349) features an in-depth interview with Ergo Phizmiz about his recent productions "Gargantua", "Boojum" and "Eleven Songs", written by Clive Bell with photographs by Tom Hunter.

"The latest sonic phantasmagoria by rogue collagist Ergo Phizmiz is a medieval Techno opera fed by Rabelais's Gargantuan appetites. Clive Bell meets a vaudevillean prodigy who believes pop and surrealism make natural bedfellows" ....

Buy it at The Wire.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Giant Baby's Building Blocks

Gargantua likes to play with building blocks. What giant baby doesn't? And since he's the king he has bespoke blocks with the letters of his name painted on them. They help with his spelling.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Face of Gargantua

From the dextrous hands of Sir Michael of Wade and Lady Martha of Moopette comes our first glimpse of the face of mighty King Gargantua.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Get those dancing shoes on...

A few photos from rehearsals.

Animated walking crab scissors

The end of the board game

Alright Orson?

I'm off to animate a view of the board game now.

Nighty night.


P.S. Those of you that have previously seen this post, might have realised the edit. I hadn't noticed that some of the pics had been used in a previous post, so here are now some others instead.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

GARGANTUA - Glasgow tour date added, The Tender Bar, at the Briggait

We are delighted to announce an added date, on the 23rd March 2013, of Ergo Phizmiz's excessive entertainment "Gargantua", at the Tender Bar, at the Briggait, Glasgow.

Making the full run of the March 2013 UK tour GARGANTUA tour:

BRIDPORT Arts Centre (16th) + Hacker Farm
DARTINGTON Soundart Radio (17th) + Clockwork Moth
ISLE OF WIGHT Depozitory (18th)

BRIGHTON The Marlborough (19th) + Vulnavia Vanity
BRISTOL The Cube (20th) + Katapulto
LIVERPOOL Mellomello (21st) + UpItUp Records
NEWCASTLE Morden Tower (22nd) + Gwilly Edmondez
GLASGOW The Tender Bar, at the Briggait (23rd)
EAGLESCLIFFE The Waiting Toom (24th) + Elvis Herod
BERWICK-UPON-TWEED The Maltings (25th)