Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Crowdfunding for GARGANTUA hops over £500

The last minute super-duper emergency Crowdfunding plan for GARGANTUA: An Excessive Entertainment by Ergo Phizmiz, has just exceeded £500. 

Huge, huge thanks to all contributors. You've all been e-mailed..and surprises and treats will be showered upon you soon.

You are absolute utter marvels and I love each and every one of you big slurps and sloppy kisses. One day may we drink Vodka Martinis together in the French Riviera, like characters from an espionage film.

For those who'd still like to contribute (and it's still very, very welcome as pretty much every member of the cast is fucking broke and, you know, I'd like to pay these remarkable artists as much as I can, and at the moment I'm not in a position to pay them anything, but most of our basic costs are now covered), you can do so by going here.

People who follow my Twitter will be relieved to know I won't be posting about this Crowdfunding quite as much now, but I might pop in a few sneaky ones.

I offer you all big naughty bowls of love and soup.


My generously nostrilled self as The Virgin Mary in "Gargantua".

Any little fish can swim,
any little bird can fly,
any little dog, or any little cat,
can do a bit of this, or just a bit of that,
any little horse can neigh,
and any little cow can moo,
but I can't do anything at all but just love you.
(Noel Coward)

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