Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fabulous Twitter revues...

Fresh from Twitter, lovely reactions to Gargantua in Bristol:
Jono Gilmurray @JonoGilmurray 41m
@ergophizmiz Gargantua seared my eyeballs and made my pants implode with its grotesque beauty at the Cube last night - thanks Ergo!

Tom Bugs @BugBrand 1h
Gargantua by @ergophizmiz was WONDERFUL last night @CUBECINEMA - touring onwards- TRACK THEM DOWN!

and Isle of Wight:
From Skryll Vertex
"That was excellent, was like watching a Christian mystery play, written by David Lynch and performed by Reeves and Mortimer!"

and this one from Dartington:
Dog Prophet @Skryll_Vertex 18 Mar
Just saw the excellent @ergophizmiz perform "Gargantua".A mystery play about Pontiffs, Pan and Opium smoking meta detectives...Marvellous!

and Bridport:
John Butler ‏@the_woodlouse 17 Mar
@Pensham the cows were part of cool visuals to less-than-engaging support act. The main event was confusing but entertaining genius.

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