Friday, 18 January 2013

It's the end...

...of the Wolf mask template!

Over the course of the last few days the part I repaired crumbled leaving the mask in three quarters as seen in this previous post.

However, we decided to go with the three quarters and make it a Phantom of the Opera style mask and use the template as it was.

Alas... Mr Phizmiz didn't realise the template was on the table and put a large mask (this one in fact) right on top of it. I think some may have possibly heard my squeal from all the way over in Australia as I saw the neck of the hefty mask come down and slice the remains of the template.

Thanks Phizmiz!
So, it looks like I'll be starting this little Wolfy again. Perhaps in a different way, or just don't let Phizmiz near it. I was very nearly about to get the template fired too, so it wouldn't break again and would be sturdy enough to create the mask upon it.

Anyhow, a tad sick of this mask already now, but we have had great developments with the underwater scene. I'll just have to think of a better way of doing it and sharpish!

We, (Simon, Phizmiz and myself) filmed the sheep I'd put together in a spiral, to make a shoal of fish, t'other evening for it too...

We're all working on animating some special underwater creatures at the moment too, but you'll just have to wait and see for them right now, won't you!

Well, I've got a child bugging me to get on the computer and it's time for two Garg member's joint birthday party, so ta-ra!

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